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We believe that a healthy lifestyle leads to a longer and happier life. Many people want to be more active and eat healthy. However, many lack the motivation or time that is necessary to maintain a healthy life. Unsteady working hours, a high stress level, a lack of activity and unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

We strongly believe that everybody can lead a healthy life and should be rewarded for it! Fitolution builds products that help everyone stay motivated and have fun in leading a healthy life. The apps motivate not only through gamification elements and a big community with people who have the same goals but at the same time by introducing real rewards for a healthy life. This way it’s fun to lead a healthy life.

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Our Story

Toby, Karo and Phil met while working at an Online Games Company a few years back. They were often confronted with the questionable reputation of the games industry, which they themselves found wrong. People often think that games are addictive and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. But after all, games can also be fun. You can meet friends in the community, play together and win challenges and achieve goals together. Being passionate hobby athletes or hobby chefs themselves, over the course of hard work, having little free time, the founders often found that they started to make up excuses themselves to skip the gym or eat fast and unhealthy food. That’s how the idea to the company was born: to apply the same priciples that make games so much fun and addictive on motivation for a healthy lifestyle. This way everybody can start having fun in leading a healthy and active life and stay motivated.

Imagine you try to reach a health challenge not just by yourself but with the help of others in the community.
How about you finally have someone that you can compete with to make it more fun? Or you finally want to lose those extra pounds and even get rewarded for it?

That’s the idea of Fitolution: bringing fun and games into health and helping everyone lead a healthy and better life. Level up your health!

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